On the air

I started this blog to accompany my science segments on Melbourne radio station, Triple R.

Here you’ll find more about each of the stories I talk about on air, including some links to articles and research papers.

I’ll also provide audio of my original segments in case you missed them (or just need more science in your life).

The Breakfasters, 7.45 am Wednesdays

For your weekly shot of science, you can listen to my 10-minute segment on the Breakfasters, starting 7.45 am each Wednesday morning.

Einstein-A-Go-Go, 11 am Sundays

Need a double-shot or long black at the weekend?  I also have a regular monthly gig on Einstein-A-Go-Go, Triple R’s Sunday science segment, 11 am to 12 noon.

Triple R

Triple R (102.7FM) is Australia’s oldest and largest independent broadcaster with more than 13 800 subscribers and 460 000 listeners per week.

Since 1976, Triple R has shaped and inspired the culture of Melbourne.

Please, let me know what you think.

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