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The truth about early birds

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We all know the saying ‘The early bird catches the worm’. But are there any real benefits to being a morning person? What determines whether you’re an early bird or a night owl anyway? And can night owls become early risers if they want to? Tick tock Your body has an internal clock. It’s located in the base of your brain, in the hypothalamus. You’ve probably heard the term circadian rhythm: this is the natural […]

It’s a seasonal thing

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We all know horoscopes are bunk. But research suggests the season you were born may say something about you after all. What’s your star sign? Is checking your horoscope a guilty pleasure? Most of us agree: there’s no science behind the star sign columns that abound in newspapers, magazines and online. But that doesn’t mean people don’t read them. One study found more than 20% of adults read their horoscope often. There’s also been plenty […]

Jet lagged? There’s an app for that

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You’ve just flown halfway across the globe and the clock tells you it’s morning but your body tells you it’s bedtime. You’re tired and dazed. You can’t think straight and it take days to start feeling normal again. Jet lag. Is it just an annoyance, or something more serious? And among the many touted remedies, could a new smartphone app be the answer?