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To eat it or not to eat it?

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Biology / Health / Myths

We’ve all heard the five-second rule: as long as the food has been on the ground for less than five seconds, you’re  safe to eat it. But are you? Birth of an urban myth When it comes to the origin of the five-second rule, stories abound. Genghis Khan often stars in these accounts, with claims it was originally known as the Khan rule. This rule apparently came into play at 13th-century victory banquets when Khan […]

The sound of music

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Myths / Psychology

Today I saw something I’ve never seen before: a man breaking out into dance in the supermarket. One aisle over, I caught another shopper smiling and humming along. I don’t normally notice the music being played in shops, but I also felt more energised than I had moments earlier. Whether it be how long you spend in a shop, the amount you spend, even whether you buy French or German wine, music has power over our behaviour. And shops are using it to their advantage.