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Time flies, but why?

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Health / Myths / Psychology

Time is meant to be one of the few completely reliable and objective things in life. But it seems to slow down when we are afraid — think of a slow-motion car crash. And time flies when we’re having fun. Why is it that time seem to pass more quickly the older we get? Does our ability to assess the passing of time change as we age? I remember vividly as a child the last […]

Jet lagged? There’s an app for that

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Health / Mathematics

You’ve just flown halfway across the globe and the clock tells you it’s morning but your body tells you it’s bedtime. You’re tired and dazed. You can’t think straight and it take days to start feeling normal again. Jet lag. Is it just an annoyance, or something more serious? And among the many touted remedies, could a new smartphone app be the answer?